Core Training Tops Zumba in ACSM Worldwide Fitness Trends 2012 Report!

January 29, 2016 Linda LaRue

I was truly amazed when I read that Core Training topped Zumba in popular fitness trends according to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) 2012 Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends. Core Training was listed as #7 most popular and Zumba came in at number 9 of their top twenty most popular list.
Today in the fitness industry personal trainers, small group and group exercise instructors performing core training has surpassed standard ab moves including the crunch, and rely heavily on a full array of small, portable equipment that was nonexistent years ago. Equipment like the Core Transformer, BOSU, TRX, etc. challenges the body from head-to-toe and activates the core functionally because of the balance and coordination requirements. The availability of these and other tools which effectively target the core, and the in-depth education that goes with programs that support functional and portable core conditioning tools has fueled the interest and sustained the core conditioning “trend.”

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