The Age-Defying Mindset

January 30, 2016 Linda LaRue

Here are a few mental tips to help keep your workouts youthfully, eternally blissful and joyful (or at least on bad days tolerable).

Accept today’s performance for what it is. Maybe tomorrows will be better; maybe it won’t. Don’t let comparison rob you of effort and enjoyment. Live in the athletic moment.

Get a little more Zen. Working out isn’t about logging more miles or getting six-pack abs. There’s a bigger reward—find yours, then JUST DO IT.

Keep setting goals. Goals are the key to staying motivated. If I don’t have them then everything else starts to slip away.

Kick butt (at least occasionally). One of the benefits of keeping yourself in great shape is that you may occasionally kick butt by running faster than the 25 year old next to you on the treadmill at your gym or holding a crow pose better and longer than said 25 year old. Hey, maybe you’ll enter a 5 K run and win in your age group or at the very least get a free T-shirt.

Realize that “still doing” is a version of winning. Nothing ages a body and mind faster than inactivity. Instead of “Just Doing It”, as we age it’s really a matter of “Keep Doing It”.

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