7 Simple Steps to Help Walk Off Your Weight & Have Fun Too!

January 30, 2016 Linda LaRue

I really do love to walk, because you can walk anytime, anywhere, and it’s FREE —my favorite four-letter word. There is nothing that clears and works my mind and body more than an invigorating power walk at the beach in Santa Monica pumping my pink 2 pound dumbbells. Did you know that walking is the #1 most popular exercise in America? According to Prevention Magazine, 1 in 4 Americans use walking as their primary mode of exercise. Here are my personal top trainer tips to get you out there stepping strong, and connecting your mind, body, and spirit too.

1. Get Inspired! Find one or a few awe inspiring walking routes, which will help motivate and inspire you.

2. Recruit a Walking Buddy. Find a friend to walk with to give you support and motivation when you are feeling weak.
3. Calendar Your Walking Times. Accountability is key to establishing any new behavior. Make a plan. Write your walking times on your monthly planner,

4. Add Upper Body Resistance. Holding a pair of 2 pound dumbbells will create upper body resistance, and sculpt your chest, back, shoulders, and arms. Plus, studies show power walking briskly with 2 pound dumbbells may increase your calorie burn by up to 40%!

5. Wear the Right Gear. Wear sunscreen and sun protective clothing, especially a broad brimmed hat. Excessive sun exposure causes cancer along with prematurely ageing your skin. Check out Solumbra for great sun protective, active wear. Wear proper reflective clothing if you are walking early in the morning or evening when it dark outside.

6. Add Incline. Find a set of stairs or climb a hill. Incline ups your heart rate, which in turn ups your calorie burn—both during, and after you are walking. It’s also a great way to tone your tush, and help you build a better butt.

7. Break Up Your Workout with Resistance Stations. Resistance training builds lean tissue to create a sculpted physique, and helps your body burn more calories per day. Try 12 reps each of push-ups to side plank hold on a park bench, tricep dips on a park bench, lunges, and side lunges. Carry a Core Transformer resistance band, then, loop it around a tree for some standing rowing and horizontal core wood chops. With a resistance you’re your training move possibilities are infinite.

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