Core Transformer Figure 8 Series

January 31, 2016 Linda LaRue

1. Strap your Core Transformer securely onto each foot around the arches (not balls of your feet). Keep the tube equal distance and length on each side. Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width apart or an “Athletic Ready Position Stance”.
2. Cross the tube twice then, loop hands underneath hooking handle between thumb and first finger. 
 Clasp your hands together with your fingers lace-locked together during the entire move.
3. Inhale bending hips and knees into a 90-degree squat keeping shoulders down, breastbone high, hands and elbows slightly above waist, and weight centered evenly over feet. Sweep your hands in a big horizontal figure 8 making sure to involve your shoulders and upper torso too.
4. Exhale to standing, raising hands no higher than shoulder height. Keep knees soft and continue to keep the Crunchless Abs Set-Up, which will fire your entire body, especially your core.
5. Repeat 12 reps clockwise, then 12 reps counterclockwise.

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