Core Transformer® 3D 1,000 Calorie BURN Workout Video

Core Transformer® 3D 1,000 Calorie BURN Workout Video
Kick it to the core. Go 3D! Blast belly fat and burn up to a whopping 1,000 calories per hour with the new abs Core Transformer ab core workout sytem! (*Testing proven by Body Bugg Analysis.) The fat-burning, flat-abs secret is the Core Transformer’s unique, 3-Dimensional Training Method that creates a duel cardio-core and muscle-building workout! Trusted core guru, Linda LaRue, RN MEd, ATC, makes these flat-abs-fast exercises more fun—not frustrating–by training your entire body from every angle (top-to-bottom, front-to-back, and side-to-side) with minimal impact to your joints. This simple, do-anywhere DVD contains three, total body core sculpting workouts that shrink-wrap every muscle around your core just like an abdominal girdle to give you a sleek, sexy flat mid-section. No gimmicks--just your body and our bands!
You’ll receive:
Workout 1: 20 Minute 3D BURN Express is a quick, 300 calorie-burning total body core workout with athletic core performance with Pilate's and yoga inspired progressive movement sequences that easily fits into your busy day because it’s only 20 minutes (including a quickie stretch)! The fat-basting abs routine includes our favorite 3D standing moves that shape your mid-section fast and also train all your major muscle groups from the inside out.
Workout 2: 40 Minute 3D BURN uses the Core Transformer® specialty super-long exercise tube for leaner body-sculpting, constant-resistance exercises that reach your deepest core muscles and the rest of your body, and help you smoke 600 PLUS calories in record time.
Workout 3: 60 Minute 1,000 Calorie 3D BURN targets your ENTIRE body beginning first and always with your flatter abs to build a strong back, a firm core and midsection and a balanced body. If your goal is a defined waistline and lightning-fast weight loss, take this 1,000-CALORIE BURN CHALLENGE!
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