Core Transformer Elite Pro Band

Core Transformer Elite Pro Band
Kick it to the core. Go 3D! This revolutionary, new athletes’ performance super-long specialty exercise resistance tube with our rubber foot guard for max durability will sculpt your entire core from the inside out, 3-dimensionally—along with the rest of your body too! Our Elite Pro Band, combined with our cutting edge Athletic Performance Movement Progressions, will engage your all your major Anatomical Body Slings. (*University studies have proven that the Elite Pro Core Transformer recruits the most muscle fibers maximally due to engaging your Slings. In fact 622% more of your core muscles than a standard floor crunch). So you’ll train your entire trunk or core from every plane of movement, from side-to-side, front-to-back, top-to-bottom and diagonally. With our Elite Pro band you’ll be able to train like a pro athlete whether it’s in your living room, gym or on-the-road when you’re traveling.
Pumping Rubber is the best way build muscle and burn fat, which will transform your ENTIRE body (beginning first and always from your core). Our super-long and sturdy Elite Pro Band is affordable, portable and durable. This band recommended for heights 5'10" up to 6'5". 
* This eco-friendly product is made from sustainable rubber trees.
No gimmicks—just your body and our bands!
$ 34.00