Core Transformer® Fitness Professional Starter Kit

Core Transformer® Fitness Professional Starter Kit
3-dimensional fitness training is the next and natural evolution of total body core-centric training top fitness professionals are buzzing about. Invented by world-renowned core performance guru, Linda LaRue, RN MEd, ATC, the revolutionary Core Transformer exercise system transforms standard exercise movements, inspired Pilates and yoga moves and core performance drills and cranks up their intensity with the constant, multi-planar resistance band system engineered by Linda that engages all your Anatomical Body Slings. Common routines are energized and old exercises become new again. And unlike other bulky exercise equipment, the super long, sturdy and durable specialty Core Transformer exercise resistance bands are lightweight and easy to store. And as they are super long unlike standard exercise bands, you are able to comfortably work your entire upper core and body.
*Our bands are made from sustainable and natural rubber trees, so they’re very eco-friendly.
NOTE: Our Core Transformer Pro packs are for certified fitness trainers/instructors only. You must be a certified personal and/or group fitness trainer in order to receive this professional courtesy discount. 
You will receive the following products to begin training 1:1 with your clients:
  • 2 regular Core Transformer specialty exercise resistance bands recommended for heights up to 5'10"
  • Core Transformer Instruction Manual (52 page with color photos spiral bound flip manual)
  • Core Transformer 3D 1,000 Calorie BURN DVD
  • Core Transformer 3D Fat BURN Fusion workout DVD
$ 114.00