Core Transformer Resistance Band-Regular Size

Core Transformer Resistance Band-Regular Size
Kick it to the core. Go 3D! This revolutionary, new athletes’ performance super-long specialty exercise resistance tube will sculpt your entire core from the inside out, 3-dimensionally—along with the rest of your body too! Our Core Transformer Exercise Resistance Tube, combined with our cutting edge Athletic Performance, Pilate's and Yoga Movement Progressions, will engage your all your major Anatomical Body Slings. (*University studies have proven that the Core Transformer recruits the most muscle fibers maximally due to engaging your Slings. In fact 622% more of your core muscles than a standard floor crunch). So you’ll train your entire trunk or core from every plane of movement, from side-to-side, front-to-back, top-to-bottom and diagonally. With our super-long specialty band you’ll be able to train like a pro athlete whether it’s in your living room, gym or on-the-road when you’re traveling.
Pumping Rubber is the best way build muscle and burn fat, which will transform your ENTIRE body (beginning first and always from your core). Our super-long specialty exercise bands are affordable, portable and durable. This band recommended for heights up to 5'10" only. Elite Pro band recommended for heights up to 6'5". 
* This eco-friendly product is made from sustainable rubber trees.
No gimmicks—just your body and our bands!
$ 29.00