SOUPer Slim Meal Plan Diet Book

SOUPer Slim Meal Plan Diet Book
This get-skinny diet book provides everything you need to lose weight fast without starving yourself ever again. Trusted fitness expert and Registered Nurse, Linda LaRue, offers comforting, quick and delicious recipes with an 8-Week SOUPer Slim Select Diet Guide. This get-leaner faster diet guide saves you time and money, because the recipes are simple, quick and easy to make and store well in your freezer. Besides Linda’s seasonal, healthy diet, weight loss soup recipes, you’ll get plenty more yummy, frugally gourmet recipes that will help make every meal easy to keep you on track to achieving your weight loss goals. How simple is that?
Hearty soup fills you up so you won't feel hungry or diet deprived. At pennies per cup—eating soup to lose weight is a smart weight loss strategy! If your goal is to lose weight and get fit, this easy little ebook is the perfect weight loss meal plan for you--we promise!
* The SOUPer Slim Diet eBook is in compliance with The American Dietetic Association and The American Diabetic Association Guidelines. All diet soups to lose weight have been carefully analyzed and calculated for accurate nutritional content.
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